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Pre-Orders : LUMINETH REALM LORDS wave 2 !

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Hello everyone !!

Lumineth Wave 2 goes on pre orders today !

Dawnriders 50€

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Avalenor the Stoneheart King 85€

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Alarith Spirit of the Mountain 85€

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Alarith Stonemage 32.5€

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Alarith Stoneguard 45€

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Also, if you are in the EURO zone, right now the Pound is at a nearly all-time low. So please check out the element game shop for a good deal ! (yes we are affiliate ^^)

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If you order all the new lumineth it's 212.5 € if you pay in pound it's 136£ or 147€.

It's even better for some older release were the conversion rate used by GW was a bit crazy. ie

Repulsor executioner: 60£ / 80€ (WTF +14€) you can get it at 51£ on element game 55€ saving 25€ per Repulsor...


Impulsor at 41€ instead of 60€

Yea some good deals to be made before the exchange rate stabilise next week.

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