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Seraphons Warband for Underworld & Vampires

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Hello everyone !!

Starblood Stalkers at last fully revealed! How boy these Skinks are awesome and Kixi Taka(shaman) would be a nice shaman model in an AOS army !!

The Old Blood is fine too but he's overshadowed by the Skinks imo...

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The Warband rules :
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-The inspire condition seems to be fine for a 6 models Warband with 4 hex move stat.


Hybrid Objective card gives you a couple of ways to score glory.

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Asterism are a new types of ploys that last for a Round or until another Asterims is played

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Dual effect Upgrade...
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A nice number of new ideas this season...Hard to extrapolate from here but the cards seem more mature with a double intent each time...A bit like when MTG stated with scry or Cycling

Will see

Vampire ?
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Vampire coming ?^...also it fit a previous Rumour Engine

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What do you think ?