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Cubicle Seven 2021 production update !

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Hello everyone !!!

As you maybe know, Cubicle 7 is the main editor (only one left?) for GW pen & paper RPG.
They are in charge of Warhammer Fantasy (good old world), Warhammer 40k with Wrath and Glory and AOS with Soulbound

Emmet Byrne one of the Senior Producer made a review of what is planned in 2021 for their different games.
The number of products they have planned this year is really large !! I hope they manage to keep the pace in these troubled times :/

Let's check what they have planned


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-The Enemy Within campaign should be complete this year as the Power Behind the Throne is scheluded in Q2. If you never played should it's one of the best campaigns ever written!

-Altdorf Compagnion is planned for Q3 (pdf Q2)

C7 did amazing work to bring back and improve this venerable game !

i think WFRP is the first proper pen & paper rpg i played ...(long time ago ^^)


warhammer rumour

Big fan of the Soulbound line all AOS player should at least try it or read some sourcebook. Really excited next year for the Anvilgard city guide (Shadows in the Mist), Blackened Earth (new campaign in Ghyran).

Wrath & Glory

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Note: C7 did not write the first version of W&G RPG. Still they have the licence now and started to produce new books. The revised Core book should be available next month and the line should grow from there!

TBH, I only played it once (introduction adventure thing) and it felt fine...waiting to see the new book to decide if I want to give it another try !

Check the full press release here :

Or the official website here :