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Sunday Preview : Hive war, Broken realms reveal, Sisters of battle !

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Hello everyone !!!

Warcom teased the program of the week : here

First thing: Pre-order will resume on the 8th May.

Hive war, the new Necromunda Core set will go on pre-order on this day. This time the gangs are Escher VS Delaque(yay)

Hive War

warhammer rumour

Battle Sister Bulletin

warhammer rumour

Expect a Sisters of Battle reveal this week!

Age of Sigmar : Broken Realms !

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

The most interesting tease of this post! Look like Silvaneth but with eggs and vines flavour? Also, the hunting horn is intriguing...

Eggs are from this Rumour Engine i guess !

warhammer rumour

Hyped ?


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