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Sylvaneth : Warsong Revenants

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Hello everyone !!!

In the end, the silhouette from yesterday was a Sylvaneth.

warhammer rumour

Floating on thermals of sheer magic, Warsong Revenants play a Spirit Song which has the power to cause the land itself to come alive. Their music is a balm to the Sylvaneth and the promise of vengeance to their enemies. The Warsong Revenants can even summon a malicious swarm of spites to attack nearby enemies.

This elegant model is covered in details that will delight painters of every skill level, including a variety of textures like wood, leaves, skin, and finely-wrought metal to experiment with.

warhammer rumour

Lots of details, lovely paint jobs on the cloak and the vines. The concept is very interesting and Sylvaneth really need some love!

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