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Sisters of battle : Aestred Thurga the Reliquant at Arms !

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Hello everyone !!

More gothic Madness with this new banner Bearer for SOB !

The Sister known as Aestred Thurga has dedicated her life to the protection of one relic above all others, the wonderfully named Auto-Tapestry of the Emperor’s Judgement. Weaved across the lifespans of five Canonesses and thrumming with the holy power of the Emperor’s gaze, the Auto-Tapestry (and its indomitable custodian) can be found in the records of some of the bloodiest battles the Adepta Sororitas have ever faced.

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The banner itself is resplendent with detail, topped with an ornate crown of iron and the skull of a devout, while its bearer strikes a more restrained figure wearing austere robes over her armour, and carrying the mighty Blade of Vigil.

I prefer the Helmeted version ! and you ? skin or helmet ?