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StormDrake Guard & Knight Draconis points nerf !

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Hello everyone !!!

Dragons are coming at last, but nearly everyone was scared of their power level. So GW decided to do a Balance Pass before they even got released.

When you think about it, it's the second nerf they got even before their release. (first, nerf was the -1 to wound command trait affecting all your monsters on the table). I think all these nerf were deserved and well done GW.
Still I wonder how these batshit crazy rules/points cost could be printed in the first place....Well

So :

StormDrakes went from 285pts for 2 to 340.
Single SD 145 to 170
Draconis 255 to 300

warhammer rumour

Now I think Fulminator are a bit better in charge power but you can still do this combo :
1 knight + 1 unit of 6 drakes (count as battleline) for 1300pts. Combo play is easy, move or teleport + move during hero phase, Draconis + Command let you shoot twice during hero phase + once during movement phase then you charge something.

Math wise the Drake Breath attack is not great but if you make 18 breaths attacks first turn equal on average 9d3 MW + 3d6 MW ~25 mortal wounds

List could be something like this :

Lord Relictor
Knight Draconis
6 drake knight
2 fulminator
2 fulminator
10 cheap shafts from COS

To conclude, it's good they nerfed them before people made an army of 12. They can now announce pre-order tomorrow ^^