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Updated Avatar of Khaine in the new Daughters of Khaine Battletome

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Hello everyone !!

One of the big glow-up of the battletome is the Avatar!

First, the Avatar is always activated now !
The second count as a monster for Rampage(only for stomp or smash) but cant be targeted by one either (strong !)

warhammer rumour

Attack statline is Archaon like and moves 9"
Got a 5+ ward
+1 to prayer in a 9" bubble
Totem keyword is also very handy :D

Also, there is grand strategies that focus on them (or Cauldron) these Grand Strat could be very useful in team games where only one grand strat of each is allowed.

warhammer rumour

All these for a bit more than 150, also all these apply also when is fixed on a cauldron!

Only bad aspect is the behemoth tag which could be detrimental for low drop.