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Nighthaunt : Awlrach the Drowner

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Hello everyone !!

Revealed at the Adepticon this is a new hero for the NH army. Strongly inspired by the ferryman but drowning people instead of guiding them ^^

The model is excellent as most of the NH lines IMO...

Starting with his only lousy aspect, the price in point ,he is very expensive at 175pts, but his command ability is crazy so off course you need to pay it.

Passage through the underworld : Teleport one unit from anywhere (even in melee) then set Awlrach and this unit within somewhere else...

warhammer rumour

His warscroll is ok with 7w and a 4+ armour save (immune to rend and buff). The attack line is decent with a strong rend -2 and he is quite fast at 10"+fly

his second ability is 1d3 mw on charge and if you kill a model you gain 1d3 attacks. Also keep in mind that the NH need to multiply the number of charges rolls to apply debuff (hit, sv, strike last)

warhammer rumour

Lastly, he got the Totem keyword :D