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Big meta change for AOS in the season : 2022-2023

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Hello everyone !!!

The next GHB is coming with a new meta for the next season.

Bye-bye the big monsters hello infantry !

In a nutshell, you want to have battlelines units without mounts and with wounds 4 or less (sad dragon ogre :( )

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Love this rule !

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These rules make so much sense that they should be in the core rules. Fighting on 2 ranks is very cool and going to help lots of units.

Take note of the 1/2" range thingy, against Nurgle and pipers' anti-pile-in song ! (Nurgle can stay outside of 1/2" range and prevent you from fighting on 2 ranks)

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Very strong to hunt solo monsters or big heroes, you can charge with one unit + some extra and force a strike last on the target :/

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Obj-sec on Galletian ^^
There is another battalion to hunt Galletian veterans (+1 wounds on weapons)

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hyped to try the new season :D

note that the points upgrade are free.