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Unleashing the Fury of the Beast: A Review of the New Beast of Chaos Battletome

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Hello everyone

While i am still coping with the shock of reading the new gitz and Boc release here come my modest review of the new battletome.

The new Beast of Chaos Battletome has arrived, and it's bringing a host of changes to this army. The points costs for all units have increased by 30%, and Games Workshop has reworked a lot of the warscrolls. The new global rule for the Beast of Chaos army is "Ambush," which allows every unit to ambush and receive a +1 bonus to their charge.

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One of the standout subfactions in the book is the Allherd. The D3+3 Gor and Ungor units can return each bravery phase, making this faction a formidable force on the battlefield. The Gor units have received a boost in attacks and armor, while the Bullgor has been greatly improved with better attacks and a higher Mortal Wound output on a charge.

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The Beastlord grants a +1 to both wound and hit rolls if he is within 3 inches of an enemy hero, and both the Cygor and Ghorgon now pack a powerful punch with improved abilities and attacks. The Bestigor units have received an increase to 2 wounds, but come with a steep cost of 220 points for a unit of 10.

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While these changes are all positive, there have been some notable nerfs as well. The 4+ aura from the Herdstone has been removed, and the Herdstone's rend bonus is now only available on turns 2 and 4. All units have lost their Run and Charge abilities, and the Shaman has lost his +3 move.

When taking all these changes into account, the nerfs combined with the points increase (my usual army list increased by 600 points) and the changes to the rules and abilities, my initial reaction was to drop the army for competitive play. However, there may still be some interesting tactics to explore with the army.

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In conclusion, the new Beast of Chaos Battletome is a nice refresh for the army, but it's also a significant change from the previous book. With only one new model in the range, and considering the power level of the new Gitz Battletome, it may be hard for some players to resist the allure of the green horde. However, many reviewer and players believes that the army is still overpriced by a fair margin (i do too).

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