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Soublight Gravelords and Ossiarch are next Death Battletome !

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Hello everyone !!

Get ready to raise the dead and march to battle, because it looks like the next Age of Sigmar battletomes are coming for the armies of death! With Soulblight Gravelords and Ossiarch Bonereapers currently unavailable on the GW shop, it's a clear sign that they are the next factions to receive the updated rulebook treatment.

While Flesh-Eater Courts are also a contender for a new battletome, the fact that Soulblight Gravelords received their last codex before the release of the third edition of Age of Sigmar might seem unfair for Flesh Eaters Courts player :( I guess the popularity of the SBGL and the full new line revamp last year made the choice easy for GW ^^