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Warhammer Rumour of the Week: A Sneak Peek into Chaos

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Hello Everyone ,

his week's rumour mill is turning, and it has churned out an intriguing hint that's sure to get us all guessing.

The focus of this week's speculation is an image, a zoomed-in glimpse of what appears to be a part of the iconic Chaos 8 arrows icon, or possibly a banner. What's interesting about this reveal is that we only get to see the left side of the object. What could this mean?

Could the other side be damaged or altered in some way? Has it been lost in the heat of battle, or perhaps intentionally transformed to reflect some new development in the narrative? It's all up in the air right now, but the potential implications are interesting !

So, for now, let's keep our eyes peeled for more clues and get ready for what might be a reveal in the world of Chaos. Probably a Warcry or WHU warband don't you think ? it could be but the forging of the icon look fantasy to me.

What do you think ?