House rules of common sense

Disclaimer: All these modifications are not officials.

House rules:

  • Mesuring : we measure distance from the base. (It's better if all your models are on round base.)
  • Funny special rules : dance if you want or not, we just consider the power to be always active.
  • Summon Spell Only one succesfull non dissiped summon spell or ability per turn.
  • Doppleganger One player can't have twice the same "Named"
  • Buff stacking The same buff don't stack, ie: twice magic armor spell
  • Summon debate You need the warscroll in your army to summon it (Even if the unit was destroyed you can still summon it)

Army building

Army building : For standard play we use 3 sizes of games : 1000pt and less, 1000 to 1750 and more than 1700. While we think points are not the greatest system or absolutely necessary, this is better than counting wounds.

Even if you don't want build list like in 40k, Pick the models you want to play and add the points cost to see if it's fair ;)

Always use a battle plan !!!

Official or not ! it's a lot better than just brawling! Victory conditions from basic rules are meehhh !

    1000 and less pts

  • No named monster/hero combo
  • No warscroll costing more than 250
  • No more than 3 times the same warscroll
  • No summon

    1000-1750 pts

  • No warscroll costing more than 500
  • No more than 4 times the same warscroll

    Over 1750pt

  • No warscroll costing more than 750 (yea we know about nagash)
  • No more than 5 times the same warscroll

A few precision :

We updated (again) our army builds rules and it's working better this way

You need to talk with you adversary before playing, if you bring 10 wizards and he's playing without , it's not going to be fun and no amount house rules is going to change this !

Honestly, with just these few tweaks (and the points cost) the game is super fun and a lot more strategic than initially thought. We are having a blast playing Age of Sigmar

TRY it ! you got nothing to lose ;)